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About us

We are one of the leading service providers in the rotation industry. A young plastics processing company, passionate about what it does and consistently on course – and that means conserving resources! Geratec uses state-of-the-art rotational sintering process technology to produce a comprehensive range of quality PE products, from small wastewater treatment plants and rainwater harvesting systems to geothermal shafts and industrial products. The common denominator: Both materials and products are environmentally friendly and highly economical.

Our commitment has faces.

What distinguishes Geratec and makes it what it is can be answered simply: They are our employees – from young to seasoned. A highly motivated team that combines technological know-how, an almost inexhaustible wealth of experience and the pursuit of innovation. This makes it easy for us to offer you, our customers, individual solutions promptly. All you have to do is tell us how you want your product. Then, we will take care of the rest. Now and in the future- I promise!

Geratec GmbH is growing steadily. Therefore, we are always looking for additions to our team. You can find our current job offers here.

Also, our sister company, Made, specializes in sustainable design furniture, is worth a look.

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Committed to the environment: We live recycling  

In production, we also consistently follow the environmentally friendly and sustainable path. As advocates of the recycling loop, we are continuously increasing the amount of single-variety plastic waste used. In addition, we use natural gas, which has the lowest CO2 content of all fossil energies and thus reduces the burden on the atmosphere. As a manufacturing company in the Rotary industry, we are aware of our responsibility to future generations. And we take them very seriously.

All this goes into our PE – products, which are 100% recyclable. Customers who choose Geratec products make a significant contribution to the protection of nature and the environment!

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The Team

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Our products

Discover our extensive range of products from the fields of industrial tanks, cisterns, sewage treatment plants and much more.

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Dynamic service provider in the rotation industry.

At Geratec, we prevent one thing: Standstill. This includes constantly keeping our eyes open and identifying current and upcoming market requirements early and quickly.

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