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Welcome to Geratec! 

Geratec GmbH stands for passion for plastics processing in the rotary process. Strictly speaking for the Rotational sintering process technology is also called roto-molding.

With us, you can expect the most modern and exclusive technology in symbiosis with professional competence. Our clear focus is on large volume rotary products! Our quick delivery times enable us to respond to current market requirements almost in real-time.

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We give your ideas the desire form!

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A wealth of experience and a highly motivated team of employees with a firm will and the potential to think free of standards will open any door to innovation for you together with us! Let’s achieve more for your company together. Find out how uncomplicated, fast and competent we at Geratec GmbH implement your wishes. As a plastics expert, we guarantee the highest customer satisfaction thanks to optimal manufacturing processes from the idea to linear production. Our Large volume products are among the largest in Europe. 

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Our Products

Get an insight into the extensive range of our large volume rotary products here:

Product overview: Atlantis, Eco LIne, Oceanis and many more.

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We mold environmentally friendly, which protects the environment…


We live sustainability. The reusability of the material and its properties enable us to consistently and constantly raise the ecological bar. Because compared to conventional products made of concrete, which are exposed to corrosion, PE soil paving products convince with future-oriented and sustainable advantages. Our large-volume rotary products are permanently resistant to acids, alkalis and wastewater, lightweight and therefore easy to install, and 100% recyclable.


As a manufacturing company, we have a responsibility to use our resources sparingly and carefully. By processing plastics in a rotational process, we make a contribution to sustainable action and management.

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Interested in our products? Just send us an e-mail or give us a call! 

On our growth course, we are looking forward to every new challenge and good cooperation with you!

We will gladly inform you and give you a product overview or plan your individual product together with you!

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100% recyclable.

In production, we also take the environmentally friendly route. As advocates of the recycling loop, we are continuously increasing the amount of single-variety plastic waste used. In addition, we use natural gas, which has the lowest CO2 content of all fossil energies and thus reduces the burden on the atmosphere.

PE Products

Compared to conventional products made of concrete, our PE products offer clear, forward-looking advantages. For example, they are permanently resistant to acids, alkalis and wastewater!

100% Recyclable

Our products are lightweight and, therefore, easy to install and 100% recyclable. Promise!

Low CO2 content

We use natural gas, which of all fossil energies has the lowest
CO2 content and thus relieves the atmosphere.

Plastic in perfection

Rotation is our passion. Large volume rotary products are our core competence. We are plastics experts by conviction.

And our PE products will convince you all along the line!

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Made in Germany!

Plastics are processed from the green lungs of Germany. Thanks to our favorable location in Gera, in the heart of Europe, Geratec GmbH reaches target destinations in the shortest possible time. This is where we produce our high-quality large-volume rotary products and supply a wide range of industries. Sparked your interest? Here you will find our extensive product overview.

We never stand still and are constantly expanding our competencies. At Made Design, we manufacture sustainable design furniture

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